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“Online reputation management is the process of controlling, monitoring, improving and making better restaurant name and good position on internet.”
In hospitality industry, reputation makes or breaks a restaurant business. Internet is the biggest medium of communication and online reputation is significant for every business. The internet trend and online business activities are increasing. Everyone search on Google and other search engines to get information and latest news of the business. So it is very important to manage online appearance and online reputation of businesses.
Warren Buffet had said:
“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”
In case of restaurant business, 80% customers visit restaurant website or search it on Google before going for lunch or dinner. It is very important to delete or hide negative material from these forums and place positive and useful material on the top. A customer may feel reluctant if he or she read any comment or review about restaurant on internet that is negative. Besides this the people with fake identities may spoil your reputation by posting negative comments and you can’t identify them. This is the biggest downside of internet. In this situation, positive online reviews and online feedback has very valuable outcomes for business.
The competition in restaurant business is very intense and the customer’s words are milestone in this industry. You have to create satisfied customers that will give positive feedback and comments about the place. Because their words will make good reputation of your restaurant, which has a direct influence on future sales. The sales generate profit that’s why your restaurant’s reputation has to be managed and improved.
To manage good reputation it is very important to place the positive reviews on the top, so that the audience may get a good image of restaurant. If audience or future customers read your flaws or errors in review, it has a very bad impact and they will not be willing to put money in your restaurant to have food.
How you can earn good online reputation????
There are different ways to develop a good reputation of restaurants.
Here are some of them:
- Make Google Presence.
- Set up an e-mail address.
- Use reputation management tools.
- Monitor your audience.
- List yourself in directories.
- Participate in social forums.
- Give prompt reply to customer’s mails.
- Read online reviews of your restaurant daily.
- Encourage customers to give feedback.
- Invite customers to follow you on facebook, twitter, instagram , yelp etc.
- Develop rating scale for customers.
The restaurants that are active and doing all these activities can make a very good reputation in the market place.
According to CR Risk Advisory:
“Ideal online reputation isn't something that can be earned by accident.”
As online reputation management is not as simple as it seems to be so, we will bring some more tips and tricks to you so that you can make your restaurant the best one. Stay connected to Bistro Services for this purpose!!!

Bistro Services Researcher
March 2016 , March 2