Graphic Restaurant Design

Many restaurants wants to define their unique identity so they can differentiated from other restaurants. If you start a new restaurant, then you have to conceptualize from the branding to the silver ware of your restaurant. Here we will discuss about some authentic methodologies for both mom and pop startup and multinational restaurants. When we talk about restaurant turnaround, restaurant design etc that means we talk about restaurant concept of development. Concept is more important for the restaurant design. There are many things which we can count as restaurant like design of the restaurant, market, competitors, emerging trends, research, brand evaluation strategies, supply chain, restaurant brand portfolio conceptualization and many more. To decide about the brand portfolio, you need to include as many people as possible.It must not only have interior designer and architecture. Prototype can be expensive or can be cheap. The concept about the restaurant must be clear and innovative and trendy.Decide personality for the brandBrand always have some personalities for their promotions. A famous person who is known for singing, sports, or for acting. This decision should be taken before the final design of the restaurant.
Uniqueness of brand
Make sure that the brand design and identity you define for your brand is unique. It must be differentiated from the other brands.
Positioning of the restaurant brand
Here the emphasis is not on the perfect brand, but emphasis is on the only brand. It means choose a market where no one is there for competition. By following this concept, your brand dominate the market.
Restaurant’s Tableware
The silverware which you use in your restaurant has its importance. If the silverware is light and cheap, this gives bad impression of your restaurant for the customers. It is the big reason that mostly big restaurant use good quality tableware.
Uniforms Restaurant’s staff
It is a good idea to hire some good fashion designer to design the uniform for your restaurant. If your restaurant is multinational chain restaurant, then employee in every restaurant represent the brand identity of your restaurant as a brand ambassador.
Ventilation system in a restaurant
Restaurant must have proper ventilation system. People don’t like to visit those places where they find smell. There must be a concept in your restaurant design about the ventilation issues.
Bathroom design and brand immersion
The bathroom of the restaurant must be clean and neat. If the bathroom of the restaurant unclean and untidy then the customer will think that how their kitchen would look like. So at the first place, design a bathroom which is easily accessible for the customers and it must be clean.
Menu design of the restaurant
The most important part which is a marketing tool as well. Menu must be design according to your restaurant concept and theme. For menu design you can hire some restaurant consultancy company like Bistro services, as they provide restaurant menu design services, restaurant menu printing services, restaurant marketing services and many more.
Restaurant lights arrangement
Lightning is specialized area of design. Restaurant must have a combination of light and bright lights. Lights help to capture the attention of people. Like a bug buzzing around a bulb, because the light attract the bug. Light has huge impact on mood and money! According to some physiological study, red light makes you feel hungry and bright light captures your attention. Low light makes you feel relaxed.
Restaurant Acoustical design
Restaurant has something for all our senses like taste, smell, and touch and for hearing. That's why restaurant have brands, guitarists, pianos in the restaurant for music.

Bistro Services Researcher
March 2016 , March 16
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