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The employees and staff of every restaurant are vital part of its business. At the same time, the meal should have delicious taste and the place has to be inviting for the guest, that’s why it very crucial to have confident and efficient employees to operate every activity in the restaurant perfectly. So in hospitality industry the employees’ education and training is very necessary to make your hotel successful.
The employee training is very beneficial for every organization. To understand this concept you may compare TRAINING with EDUCATION. As education is the best solution for every problem. If you have education and knowledge, you can tackle every situation. Similarly in restaurants education and training is the basic element of hotel business.
The restaurant business is based on two main operations “Food and Service”. To serve best meal in the town, you have to focus on the training of the chefs and the kitchen staff. The restaurant kitchen staff should know each and every complex item and ingredient of the food. If you want to deliver best service the managers should be well trained.
The training is very important for the chefs because with every new day there is a new gadget that is introduced in the market. Old and conventional cooking methods are no more; the kitchen world is now totally modernized with new technology. If employees are trained periodically, they will become efficient and manage all the food processes well.
Basically the training of employees in a restaurant is emphasized on two types of knowledge of the hotel employees:
Product Knowledge.
Process Knowledge
The product includes the menu item, their knowledge, the menu combinations, deals, specialities, desserts etc. While the process is about how to pick an order from customer, convey it to the kitchen and then how to prepare the best food that can be served.
When you have to increase your restaurant profits you have to first make your employees trained. Because now the customers are very sharp they ask question and sometimes they need suggestion while ordering food. So your staff should know the right combination of the food items, the ingredients etc. If a customer want to know the ingredients of any lunch item, he will consult to the waiter , if he is not trained well he can’t answer to customer. So training is very much important for the successful restaurant business.
The employees have to be confident, quick, attentive to the customer orders. The employees have to focus on high quality food as well as speedy service. If employees are trained periodically, they will become efficient and manage all the food processes well. There are no hard and fast rules for the training of employees, there are many methods to train employees, you can pick any one of them or you may make a combination of two or more methods.
How to train employees in restaurants?
The training methods for restaurant employees are as follows:
Understanding nuts and bolts:
The initial learning of every employee's starts from the restaurant activities. First you have to define all the basic activities of the restaurant to the employee. You may provide a catalogue of reading to the new staff, so that they can review the hotel activities in detail.
Use videos:
You may use different videos which are based on training of chefs or the managers. It is low cost method to train employees.
Provide instructions:
The senior staff members of the owner of a restaurant may define some guidelines to the employees. It can be in oral or written form. If the restaurant manager gives some instructions in written form, it will help employees in performing better and will also be helpful for upcoming employees.
You may design different situations and allow employees to act in those situations. They can then come to know how to react in different circumstances.
Presentation or Demos:
The best way to train employees is to act and perform the task practically. You may hire an expert like a highly qualified chef who can give the demo of different activities. For example, if you have to introduce a bakery you may hire a baking expert who can give the demos to prepare the bakery items to your employees. In this way they can learn through practical.
Giving Lectures:
You may arrange lectures and workshops for the hotel staff periodically. It will help employees to get new knowledge and increase their mental abilities.
These are some of the methods through which you can train your employees. This will help you to increase the productivity of the hotel and to improve the performance of the staff members.
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Bistro Services Researcher
April 2016 , April 13
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In every service business, it is very challenging to train employees and polish their abilities and skills. The same is the case with hospitality business; the most challenging issue is to educate the hotel staff. It is not so easy and simple to educate hotel employees.
From the moment when a customer enters in the restaurant, the employee’s duty starts from that time till he leaves the restaurant. So it is very important to provide the proper guidance and formal training to frontline staff members.
As employees are the backbones of a restaurant,so there should be training schools or training programmes for them. The abilities and skills invested by employees are more significant than the money invested by the owner.
Why training is necessary for restaurants???
The training is a continual function in hotels by which knowledge, skills and attitudes are transferred to others. Through this process, the unskilled staff is trained and taught in a very formal way so that they can learn the best practices and enhance their knowledge and polish their skills. It is necessary for hotels that when they hire new people for their restaurant, they should be properly trained so that they can be aware with culture, tradition, recipes, skills and knowledge about the hotel. To run a restaurant business smoothly, the key element is skilled staff and the management that can cooperate with the employees, to give the best output.
The training process is highly specialized which is designed by owners or the top management of the restaurant.
The basic steps in a training process are:
- Assess the needs for training.
- Make plans for training.
- Arrange and conduct the training programme.
- Evaluate the training process.
The first step is to find out why the training is needed. Basically it is needed when new members are recruited or when existing members have to be promoted. Then the next step is to make formalized plan for training. How when and what has to be taught to employees? Then the main step is to conduct the training programme and carry out the training. At last, the evaluation of the whole process is to be done, so that performance appraisal could be developed in future.
The main task of restaurants in the hospitality industry is to serve people: either it is about greeting or welcoming a guest, taking order or serving food, lodging or a mixture of these and other services. The significance of worker education and development in hotel business couldn’t be overstated, as every activity will eventually aim for guest satisfaction.
Employees in every aspect of restaurant business, from a waiter or dishwasher to executive and owner, influence the customer visit. Staff- customer encounters may went off track without proper training programme which affects your bottom line. Although Training programmes are expensive, but the benefits will always be more than the cost.
Benefits of Training:
The employee training has lot of benefits which are:
- Create job satisfaction and job recognition.
- Motivate employees to perform well.
- Make employees confident.
- Make opportunities for them to polish their skills.
- Helps workers to easily solve internal and external problems.
- Helps top managers to assess the performance of workers.
- Leads towards increased profitability.
- Reduce employee turnover.
The employee training has a vital role in creating satisfied and motivated employees. When employees are satisfied, they will automatically make customer satisfied. So you should have to focus on the training of your hotel staff.

Bistro Services Researcher
March 2016 , March 16
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