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Complaint management is the process in which firms systematically handle troubles and issues in customer relations (Jeschke et al., 2000).
According to Johnston (2001) cited in Hansen et al. (2009:7):
It includes the acceptance, analyzing, resolving and prevention of customer complaints and revival of the customer.”
A favourite restaurant of customers is the one which respond to their complaints and make their service better for them. The main purpose of every business is to meet the customer expectations and make their customers satisfied.
What happens if a restaurant is unable to fulfill customer expectations???
Obviously they become dissatisfied and complain to restaurant staff. Therefore every employee serving in the restaurant will have to deal with complaints of customers. The complaints vary according to situation. Though the food and services in restaurant are good, but the customers may complain. To sort out these complains, you need excellent customer service. It is very important to know how to handle the complaints.
Managing Customer Complaints:
Provide Training To Staff:
The staff should be trained to behave in courteous and friendly behaviour. They have to listen customers carefully and respond quickly. The employees should be trained to admit the mistakes and not make excuses over it. Get benefit of the experience to create perfection to your products or services as required.
Always be ready to receive complaints:
It is observed that 90% complaints are about the food or services being offered at the restaurant, so you should keep it in your mind. This is not a new thing, it is usual so be ready for it.
Show Positive Attitude:
The attitude of employees, i.e manager, waiter, chef etc should always be positive because it shows how effectively you are dealing with your customers. The complaints of customers can be managed if the staffs are friendly and skilled. Pay attention to what the customer is going to say and listen it carefully. Even if you are not able to resolve the trouble, you still have a need to hear them. For example, if a customer is displeased by the dim lighting inside the hotel, you can’t do too much for him as it’s designed as such. Just illuminate a lamp or open a window.
Give Attention To Customers:
Whether a customer is right or wrong but you have to believe what he said. As they play the vital role in your business. They bring income in your restaurant the buy food give money to you, which is your source of income. So you have to pay attention to them, either they are right or not.
Listen Carefully To Customers:
If you behave positively and listen them and sort out their complaints they will come back to your place. If you ignore their words and don’t accept their words, they will never return back to your restaurants. They may create bad word of mouth and share bad experience with their friends and family, which may restrict their visit to your place.
Offer alternatives:
If a customer complaint for over cooked or stinky food and tell you about the spoiled food, you should have to make them satisfied, otherwise they will not come back. In this situation, you may offer them an alternate food item or a free dessert.
Maintain Body Language:
Try to maintain a decent and sophisticated body language.If you have a rude or denied attitude, it will ruin your reputation and image.
Some easy steps to resolve a complaint:
Don’t get protective.
Ask customer about the problem.
Listen carefully to their issue.
Be patient.
Don’t interrupt.
Keep calm and admit your fault.
Understand the problem and help them if you can.
Inform the management otherwise.
Make an apology quickly.
Don’t make promise that you cant fulfil.
Try to give alternative food if they complaint about food or drink.
If the problem is sorted out, ask the customer whether he is satisfied or not.
Say thanks to customers for informing you about the matter.
Complaint management is a crucial function in overall hospitality industry. It has to be managed and administered perfectly.

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April 2016 , April 13
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