There are many opportunities in starting a franchise of a café or a fast food chain. To open a franchise, you have to first find out the famous fast food chains locally and internationally. It is very complex to start up a restaurant franchise. No one knows precisely how to get and start a franchise. To understand the concept and the process, first you have to know what is a franchise?
A franchise can be defined as:
“The permission to sell a product or service of a particular brand at a specific place.”
It is a legal relationship between franchiser and franchisee. The franchiser give a license to start or run a business and franchisee is the person who purchases the license. The franchiser helps franchisee to start the business, provide training, financial help in return of a fee. Restaurant business is highly involved in franchising, especially when we talk about the fast food chains, we have many names like McDonald's, Subway, Pizza Hut, KFC etc.
Franchising is thought as one of the most flexible mode for the supply of goods and services. The franchiser offer assistance and training to the franchisee to get to know about the restaurant franchise and sort out how to start a franchise of a restaurant. The franchiser also helps franchisee to start a business that makes the utilization of the franchisor's trademark, logo and whole system.
In the restaurant franchising process, the franchisor provides training to the person who wants to start a restaurant franchise. He also gives management to start the business, which engages in daily activities of the restaurant. In the beginning when the business has just initiated, the franchisee is usually need to pay a preliminary fee and royalty for using the brand name and trademark.
Franchising is a very complex process because it has certain terms and conditions. If you don’t know those terms, you are not able to work properly. Here are some simple steps of franchising process that can help you if you are going to buy a franchise.
Before buying a franchise, following are some critical points that should be considered:
Compare merits and demerits of buying a franchise.
Find out the best location to start the restaurant.
Read out all the legal terms and conditions of franchising.
Make a final plan to buy a franchise.
Consult to legal authorized person or a firm.
Check out whether you can fulfil the terms and conditions.
If you can meet the terms, then search out the best food chains.
Meet up with the owner of your selected chains.
Pick up the best one.
Buy the franchise and start your business.
Advantages of Buying Franchise:
Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy when you buy a franchise:
Highly successful
Established brand name.
Established relationship with supplies.
Less advertising cost.
Tested strategy.
Specialized network.
Management, training, initial investment etc.
You may get franchise of any fast food chain or any restaurant to get all these benefits. If you have any confusion or need help to get a franchise you can contact us,Bistro Services will guide you and get you the franchise that you desire!!!

Bistro Services Researcher
April 2016 , April 13
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